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6 - 7 September 2023


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The 9 Key Pillars of Sustainability LIVE London

Sustainability Strategies

Companies must focus on the importance of creating and implementing a sustainability strategy in organisations. These strategies integrate environmental, social, and economic aspects into an organisation's operations and decision-making helping those to manage resources, mitigate risks, enhance reputation, and contribute to a better world.

Explore the most pressing challenges facing companies today and offer practical solutions to help organizations implement effective sustainability strategies that create value for both business and society.

Watch Musidora Jorgensen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Microsoft discuss sustainable transformation

Watch Scope 3 & ESG It's all our Problem with Liz Houston, Maureen Bray, Sam Jackson & Clare Lissaman

The Future of ESG

Investors and businesses can assess a company's overall sustainability, moral standards, and prospects for long-term performance by taking into account ESG elements. It supports ethical and sustainable business practices by assisting stakeholders in making more knowledgeable decisions that are in line with their beliefs.

Discuss the significance of ESG in determining the direction of the company and provide useful advice for firms looking to create ESG programmes, enhance their ESG performance, and manage ESG risks.

Net Zero & Planet

To attain net zero, nations, companies, and individuals need to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions through diverse approaches, including the adoption of renewable energy sources, enhancement of energy efficiency, and embracing sustainable practices.

The notion of "Planet" within the context of net zero encompasses the entire Earth and emphasizes the importance of safeguarding its natural systems, biodiversity, and overall well-being.

Hear about the latest advancements in green technology, renewable energy, and green finance, and share practical solutions for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship

Watch Steve Smith, Chief Head of Global Marketing - Energy Management Thought Leadership and Communications at Schneider Electric dives deep into the role of energy in solving the climate challenge

Watch Pippa Bailey, Head of Climate Change & Sustainability Practice at Ipsos, UK discusses how sustainability encompasses both prosperity of people and the planet.

Diversity & Inclusion

The term "diversity, equity, and inclusion" or DEI refers to policies and programmes that support the participation and representation of many social groups. Advocating for and implementing EDI in the workplace is a crucial component of effective people management.

Learn how to develop a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable organisation by learning best practices, effective techniques, and workable solutions.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Setting specific goals and objectives, evaluating the environmental and social impacts of operations, adopting sustainable procurement practises, incorporating sustainability criteria into supplier selection, and routinely monitoring and evaluating performance are all necessary steps in the implementation of a sustainable supply chain.

Examine the difficulties and opportunities faced by businesses when attempting to promote sustainability throughout their supply chains. Provide workable solutions and instances of initiatives that have been successful in this area.

Watch Geraint John, Vice President, Interos Resilience Lab at Interos have a Fireside Chat on Sustainability and Supply Chain Disruptions

Watch Hannah Brown, Chief of Staff at FormulaE Electric and Miguel Valldecabres Polop, Chief Executive of EV Dynamics. In this panel session we discuss how electric cars are on the rise, with an expectation that fleets will be 100% electric by 2040.

Green & Renewable Energy

Green energy is any form of energy produced from renewable natural resources like sunshine, wind, or water. Though frequently derived from renewable energy sources. These energy options are seen as viable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, which have exhausted supplies and promoted climate change.

Examine the most recent innovations and trends in the green energy field, the challenges associated with implementing and developing renewable energy sources, as well as the implications and potential outcomes for various economic sectors.

Sustainable & Ethical Investing

A system of financial rules, guidelines, standards, and products that support environmental goals is known as sustainable finance. By supporting its agents while pursuing expansion, it enables the financial system to interact with the economy and its people.

Examine the newest developments in sustainable finance, the opportunities and difficulties facing lenders and investors, and the contribution that sustainable finance makes to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

Watch Ben Kellard, Director of Business Strategy at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership discuss setting out how conventional business practices risk creating liabilities, due to regulatory and market failures.

Watch Adam Elman, Head of Sustainability - EMEA at Google discusses Google's sustainability efforts and discusses why the fight against climate change needs AI and advanced tech.

Tech & AI in Sustainability

Technology is about using tools and techniques to make things better and faster. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when computers can think and learn like humans. They use AI algorithms to analyze data, predict things, and do complex tasks automatically.

Find out how Technology and AI are playing a significant role in advancing sustainability efforts. They offer innovative solutions to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practice.

Women in Sustainability

Step into an inspiring and empowering sessions that honors the extraordinary achievements and invaluable contributions of women in the realm of sustainability.

Immerse yourself in a celebration of their unwavering passion, innovative thinking, and exceptional leadership, as they spearhead transformative initiatives that pave the way towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

Watch Sustainable Actionable Practices in SMEs - Metrikus, OLIO, Junee & Tech Zero